8 Korean Movies We Recommend You To Watch

8 Korean Movies We Recommend You To Watch

In this article, we list 8 Korean films that we think you will watch.

8 Korean Movies We Recommend You To Watch

8. Train To Busan

IMDb: 7.5

Sok-woo constantly neglects her daughter because of her busy work schedule. Sok-woo, unable to bear the insistence of her daughter on her birthday, reluctantly gets up from Seoul and takes the train to Busan to take her to her ex-wife. When the train is about to get up, a woman affected by a devastating zombie virus affecting South Korea begins to spread the virus to the train. Anyone infected with the virus turns into zombies one by one. While the virus, the cause of which could not be determined, is spreading all over the country, Sok-woo, his daughter and many more passengers engage in a relentless struggle for survival in the train that quickly travels to Busan.

7. The Vengeance Trilogy

IMDb: 7.6

The worst in life is to be doomed to a cruel and heavy price of any mistake that man does not do. Lee Geum-ja was convicted for a crime he did not commit, and therefore was imprisoned for 13.5 years. This is a Women’s Prison. Lee Geum-ja, who started the process of revenge on the day he stepped in from here and made unimaginable beauties to his fellow prisoners, for which he would demand a special service in the future; He lives with the dream of the day he will judge the person who puts himself in this situation in the court he will establish himself.

6. Burning

IMDb: 7.6

Occasional writing, Jongsu is also a part-time courier. Jongsu, who goes to a package delivery one day, encounters his former neighbor Haemi. Although there is a shot between the two in a short time, Haemi has to go on her dream trip to Africa. The young woman makes a request from Jongsu before traveling. Haemi asks him to keep an eye on his cat when he is out of the country. Jongsu accepts the request of the young woman, considering that her communication with her will not be interrupted. However, the return of Haemi with a mysterious man named Ben from the trip radically changes everyone’s life, especially Jongsu …

5. 1987: When The Day Comes

IMDb: 7.7

Park Jong-Chul (Yeo Jin-Goo), a university student in 1987, is a pro-democracy movement member. One day he is arrested by the police. In order to get Jong-Chul to speak, he was tortured at the police station and lost his life due to the torture he suffered. The police and government try to cover this up. Media and university students, however, struggle to show the truth to everyone.

4. I Saw The Devil

IMDb: 7.8

Kyung-chul is a psychopathic serial killer who does not hesitate to hurt people just for personal satisfaction. It is so brutal and cruel that women can kill everyone, regardless of the child, the elderly, and as such, it has become even more difficult for the police, the next step an unpredictable target. But when he kidnaps Joo-yeon, the daughter of a retired commissioner, Kyung-chul will attract all the vengeance. Dae-hoon, a talented, secret agent, is the fiancĂ© of the brutally murdered young woman. The brutal murder of the woman he loves will activate Dae-hoon alone against this wild serial killer … He is ready to turn into a monster to prevent the monster …

3. Mother

IMDb: 7.8

In addition to being a unique murder movie, Ana is an emotional story that addresses maternal love. Kim Hye-ja plays the overprotective mother, whose name we never learned in the movie. When her twenty-seven-year-old shy, quiet and mentally disabled son is accused of murder and imprisoned, the woman goes after the real murderer. However, as the townspeople’s secrets are exposed, no one is understood to be innocent. This melodrama, an Oscar nominee for Korea, reveals what a woman can do to protect her child.

2. The Man From Nowhere

IMDb: 7.8

Cha Tae-Sik is a mysterious man known as “Ajusshi” in his neighborhood, but who does not harm his surroundings. Cha Tae-Sik, who runs a hostage shop, bonds with his neighbor’s daughter, So-Mi. When the junkie mother causes problems, she takes care of her. Little So Mi is kidnapped because of a drug job where her mother is involved where she works. Cha Tae-Sik then goes out of his corner to help the little girl kidnapped by the mafia.

1. Memories of Murder

IMDb: 8.1

In the Murder Diary, South Korea was under the oppressive attitude of a military government in the late 90s. Censorship and oppression continue in the country every day. One day a woman who has been raped is victim of a brutal murder. To solve the incident, Park Doo-Man, a local police detective, is brought to the job. However, all the methods he applies will keep him away from murder. Seo, who was then headed to the task, will do his best to be more successful than the previous detective.

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