Accidental Inventions

Accidental Inventions

With the developing technology, many inventions have entered our lives. While some of these inventions were found willingly, some appeared accidentally. In this article, we list the invented inventions that occurred by mistake.

Accidental Inventions

1- Slinky

Over 300 million sold worldwide, this toy was mistakenly found by an engineer in the navy. Working as an engineer in the Navy, Richard James was found Slinky when one of the springs he worked on while trying to prevent the fall of sensitive instruments.

2- Play Dough

With the realization that the cleaning dough used for wall cleaning before 1956 was used by children in Christmas ornaments, it evolved into today’s play dough. Play-Doh, the most known and first play dough brand, sold more than 3 billion boxes in total from this accidental invention.

3- Velcro Tape

The velcro band was developed by George De Mestral as a result of examining the weeds that stuck to his dog and socks while he was on the hunt. Velcro bands are ready after 7 years of work.

4- Potato Chips

Potato chips were accidentally found in 1853 by George Crum, who worked as a chef in the restaurant. By saying “fried dough without salt” and “fried dough”, he chopped fried potatoes to his disliked customer and poured a lot of salt. Potato chips emerged after positive feedback.

5- Microwave Oven

Microwave oven is at the top of our list of accidental inventions. Percy Spencer, who drew the attention of melting chocolate in his pocket while working on magnetron emitting magnetrons, has found the microwave oven in this way.

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